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1 Apr 2021
Have you always wanted your very own guitarist, on demand? Well this metronome app is the next best thing..
11 Mar 2021
FREE introductory course!! Have you always wanted to learn how to dance the Sevillanas? If so, I have created an awesome course called ‘Sevillanas Made Simple’ – just for you ❤
5 Mar 2021
What is a metronome app?? You ask.. This post is for you if you’re new to flamenco and haven’t heard how one of these can help you in your flamenco dance practice..
28 Feb 2021
Have you ever heard of 'Día de Andalucía'? Want to know what it's all about? If so, read on . . .
3 Jan 2021
These three tips are totally guaranteed to get you dancing flamenco better, faster . . . If you want in on the tips, read on . . .
Photo credits: spain-holiday.com