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7 May 2022
Do you know how the letra works and what options the singer has for singing it?
23 Apr 2022
Did you know that one of the best ways to start getting comfortable when improvising Bulerías Por Fiesta is to keep it simple?
2 Apr 2022
How well do you know your marcajes for Bulerías Por Fiesta? Do you have enough to mix it up and keep it fresh?
4 Mar 2022
It's the final part of the looking for the caída series! Watch the short video below to help train your ear for the caída.
11 Feb 2022
As I like to say, practice makes better, so here we have Part 2 in the series! We're going to listen to María Vargas singing another letra from the same performance.
4 Feb 2022
One of the hardest parts about improvising for Bulerías Por Fiesta, has definitely got to be hearing the caída! And not only that, but hearing when it’s about to happen!
20 Jan 2022
Let’s listen to another coletilla together – so we can compare the same letra being sung by different singers..
6 Jan 2022
Let’s listen to a coletilla together – and make sense of the sung lines..
31 Dec 2021
Hello 2022!! I hope you're enjoying the Christmas/New Year season in whichever way you celebrate it 🍾🥂🎉
22 Dec 2021
What's in your Bulerías Bag? Have you got the right steps?
15 Dec 2021
What's more tricky than improvising Bulerías Por Fiesta on your own?
5 Dec 2021
One of the things some of us can struggle with when improvising Bulerías Por Fiesta, is knowing when to come in, or 'hearing' the caída..
2 Dec 2021
Have you ever wondered “what does a coletilla for Bulerías Por Fiesta look like?”
29 Nov 2021
When watching Bulerías Por Fiesta, can you tell what steps the bailaor/a is using and why?
27 Nov 2021
Have you ever wondered “what does a letra for Bulerías Por Fiesta look like?”
1 Sep 2021
When dancing Bulerías Por Fiesta, do you know when to listen out for the caída?
1 Apr 2021
Have you always wanted your very own guitarist, on demand? Well this metronome app is the next best thing..
11 Mar 2021
FREE introductory course!! Have you always wanted to learn how to dance the Sevillanas? If so, I have created an awesome course called ‘Sevillanas Made Simple’ – just for you ❤
5 Mar 2021
What is a metronome app?? You ask.. This post is for you if you’re new to flamenco and haven’t heard how one of these can help you in your flamenco dance practice..
28 Feb 2021
Have you ever heard of 'Día de Andalucía'? Want to know what it's all about? If so, read on . . .
The 5 Essential Steps You Need to Dance Bulerías Por Fiesta
– so you can join in the fun on the Fin de Fiesta floor!
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The 5 Essential Steps You Need to Dance Bulerías Por Fiesta
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