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App Review - Flamenco Compas

Flamenco Compas - App review

Have you always wanted your very own guitarist, on demand?

Well this metronome app is the next best thing.. (If you're not sure what a flamenco metronome app is, click here to check out my earlier post in this series explaining what a metronome app is)


Unlike most other apps which play the cajon and palmas only, Flamenco Compas plays you the guitar music. This helps you become familiar with the typical melody of the palo you are working with.

Training your ear to the melody is an important aspect of flamenco.

Listening and practicing to the guitar music will help you develop the ability to distinguish one palo from another. This will get you feeling like an accomplished flamenco dancer in no time 💃🏼

Flamenco Compas is great for beginners because it's super simple to use. You have only two decisions to make –
1. Which palo do you want to play; and
2. How fast you want it to play.

That's it, job done ✔


Another cool feature is you can save your choices in a favourites list for any combos you want to keep and refer back to! This is really helpful and all you need to do is tap on the little heart icon at the bottom of the page to save your selection, too easy ❤


Here are some of the details about Flamenco Compas (Developers A.J Leeson & K.A Manuel):

🚩 Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad (click here to go to the app on the App Store).
🚩 Free version is called Flamenco Compas Lit‪e‬. This has access to the Alegrias rhythm only.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
🚩 Full version costs US$4.99, and includes the following tracks:
  🎵 Tangos
  🎵 Solea – escobilla + rhythm
  🎵 Alegrias - escobilla + rhythm + silencio
  🎵 Bulerias
  🎵 Fandangos
  🎵 Guajiras
  🎵 Siguiriyas

Let me know in the comments if you use this app and what you like about it, or if you haven't used it and decide to try it out tell us how you find it!

Happy dancing 😎

Author: Belinda Retamal
Belinda has been dancing flamenco since the age of 10 and is passionate about helping other aspiring dancers learn flamenco without spending years to master the basic skills.

You can find out more about Belinda at
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