IMPROVISE por Bulerías with these 5 steps at Fin de Fiesta
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Hi! I'm Belinda,
a flamenco dancer living in Perth, Australia 🦘
I've been performing and dancing flamenco for more than 35 years
And now?
I'm your Flamenco Dance Coach!
Why am I for you?
  • BECAUSE you love flamenco, you've always wanted to learn and now you are!
  • BECAUSE you danced flamenco in the past, only it's been a little while (oops!) and now you want to get back in to it
  • BECAUSE you know flamenco is not just a hobby, it's a LIFESTYLE
I'm talking the dresses, the flowers, the costumes, the music, the food, the culture, the warm Andalucían sun and.. the SHOES!!
You feeling me?
Drills and technique are important (of course!) but I know you want to dance flamenco NOW
..not later, after hours of training
And that's what my coaching is all about - teaching you the basic flamenco steps so you can dance flamenco right NOW 💃🏽
🎪 Some Fun Facts about me (to entertain you..)
Probably no surprise but I have been a dancer since I was 2!
I made my debut at the back of my sister's ballet class -- as a non-paying member!!
I studied Maths at uni and I am the proud owner of a dusty maths degree.. 🧮 😆
Maths was my favourite subject at school! And I still love logic puzzles
I won't be bored in my eighties, I'll be using the time to play puzzles. And maybe join the Mensa club 🥸
My Dad and his parents are from Spain. They moved to Perth when my Dad was 18
I was born and have lived all my life in Australia 🦘
My Nana was from Sevilla and my Grandad was born in Morón de la Frontera (near Sevilla) - I've been to both places.. Can't wait to go back again!
While I did grow up with one Spanish speaking parent -- I never learnt to speak Spanish fluently. I know, shock horror!
You can't really blame us. As kids we were more interested in mucking around than going to Spanish school on a Saturday!
I've been taking tap classes for the last five years (after a nearly 40 year break haha) - its so much fun!
 💃🏽 obviously footwork is my thing so its easy for me to pick up..
 💃🏽 at the same time, its a challenge!! Tap is light and bouncy and I'm used to serious and stompy..
 💃🏽 and.. its always a workout!!
I love having 'alone' time!!
I am definitely not an extrovert
If I can have one whole day a week where I am by myself, I'm totally RECHARGED 🔋🔋🔋
I have one beautiful daughter, aged 12!! She is absolutely gorgeous
I am still waiting to hear her say "Mum I want to learn flamenco" 💃🏼
🎓 My Flamenco Resume.. (in logos)
I have had the absolute pleasure of dancing with and learning from the following flamenco studios and dancers over my career:
  • Danza Viva Spanish Dance Academy
  • The Spanish Club Sydney
  • Casa del Compás
  • Amor de Dios
  • Carmen de las Cuevas
  • Paloma Gómez
  • Andrés Peña
  • Inmaculada Ortega
  • Clarisa Di Salvo
  • Alba Guerrero
  • Estudio Flamenco Sevilla
📖 My Story
I haven't always been a flamenco coach. In fact, it's actually kind of new for me
If you're keen to get to know me better or just curious how life got me here...
Here's my story. Enjoy! 💙
(c) 2024 The Flamenco Coach
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