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What is a Flamenco Metronome App?

What is a flamenco metronome app?

What is a metronome app?? You ask..

A flamenco metronome is the digital version of your teacher clapping the compás for you in class.

The idea is you can practice your footwork or dancing to the sound of a strong beat so you can tell whether you're keeping to the compás or not.

With a metronome you can easily hear the accents in the compás which will help you to keep time, while also learning and becoming familiar with the rhythm of the palo you are working with.

Metronome apps will play the palo of your choosing, at the tempo of your choosing. This means you have the perfect tool to help you increase the speed of your footwork over time with practice.

Today you might choose the palo Bulerias at 140 bpm (beats per minute) to practice your footwork. You nailed it and so tomorrow you're gonna increase it slightly to 150 bpm! Boom, flamenco dancer in the making 💃🏼

🕛 If you haven't used a flamenco metronome app before, or you want some suggestions of ones to try, be on the look out for my next few posts. I'll be sharing with you my favourite apps to use when practicing flamenco on my own. At home. All by myself.... (I do miss group classes)

Author: Belinda Retamal
Belinda Retamal has been dancing flamenco since the age of 10 and is passionate about helping other aspiring dancers learn flamenco without spending years to master the basic skills.

You can find out more about Belinda Retamal at
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