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What does a letra for Bulerías Por Fiesta look like?

Have you ever wondered "what does a letra for Bulerías Por Fiesta look like?"

When we're first learning to listen to the cante, it can all sound the same! I certainly could never tell where we were in the letra.

I couldn't tell if we were in the middle or the end, or was it the next letra... And I certainly couldn't pick out any cues, or even tell you where they might be!

Taking the time to study a few letras, learn about them and see what a letra looks like written down, for me was SUPER helpful! It helped me to make more sense of what I was listening to.

Here are some of the discoveries I made 🤩

🔑 A Bulerías letra consists of two sung lines
🔑 The first sung line is a short line (usually sung over one compás)
🔑 The second sung line is longer (usually sung over two compáses)
🔑 These two sung lines are usually written as three lines

Here is an example of a Bulerías letra written as three lines:
Un pañuelo de lunares
Cada vez que te lo pones
 te salen los novios a pares

It rhymes!

🔑 The end of the first sung line usually rhymes with the end of the second sung line

In the example letra, you'll see 'lunares' rhymes with 'a pares'.

Typical structure

🔑 A typical structure for singing a letra for Bulerías Por Fiesta can look like this:

First sung line (one compás)
Respiro, no singing (one compás)
Repeat of first sung line (one compás)
Second sung line (two compáses)
Repeat of second sung line (two compáses)

This is what the typical structure would like using the example letra:

Un pañuelo de lunares
Respiro (no singing)
Un pañuelo de lunares
Cada vez que te lo pones
 te salen los novios a pares
Cada vez que te lo pones
 te salen los novios a pares

This isn't the only structure, but it is a common one – so it's a good one to learn!

📓 (NOTE: This information relates to the Bulerías de Jerez style.)

I hope you liked this explanation of what a Bulerías letra looks like and that it also helps you make more sense of the cante!

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Until next time, happy dancing 💃🏼
Belinda x
Author: Belinda Retamal
Belinda has been dancing flamenco since the age of 10 and is passionate about helping other aspiring dancers learn flamenco without spending years to master the basic skills.

You can find out more about Belinda at
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