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How to use a 6 count remate in your patada

What's better than a 12 count remate? 😉 

Did you know that one of the best ways to start getting comfortable when improvising Bulerías Por Fiesta is to keep it simple? In fact, the top flamenco artists in Spain always teach their students to keep it simple!

👑 In the short video below is one of the queens of Bulerías - María del Mar Moreno - demonstrating a cute little pataíta in class 💃🏻

What I like about this pataíta is how María uses a simple 6 count remate at the end of the first sung line (as the salida) and another 6 count remate at the end of the repeat of the first sung line. (there is marcaje in between these two remates)

Using a remate to resolve with the end of a sung line shows you are in tune with the cante - which is pretty much the goal when improvising Bulerías Por Fiesta.

A good way to get comfortable and confident with using remates in your patada is by using short 6 count remates. It's much easier than trying to figure out when to put in a 12 count remate!

On the plus side if you do perform a 6 count remate and realise you came in too soon, all you need to do is continue on with a couple of extra stamps to round out the compás. Keep your game face on, and no one will ever know! 😉

Your turn! 

🧰 WATCH the video and look out for the two 6 count remates at the start of the letra!!

My other favourite part is at the end where María exclaims 'Olé, Caramba' - I think this means she enjoyed herself 😃
📽 VIDEO CREDIT: @mariamarmoreno
Until next time, happy dancing 💃🏻
Belinda x
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Author: Belinda Retamal
Belinda has been dancing flamenco since the age of 10 and is passionate about helping other aspiring dancers learn flamenco without spending years to master the basic skills.

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