Want to join in the FUN at Fin de Fiesta?
Here's how I can help you..
Master Class
Catching the Caída
One of the biggest struggles we can face when it comes to improvising is hearing the cues in time to do something...
This Masterclass is designed to put you on the fast track to never missing the cues in the music again!
MINI COURSE: The Bulerías Bank
Build a bank of signature steps for your Bulerías Patada in less than 7 days - so you know exactly what moves you'll be making BEFORE you go out to improvise
SIGNATURE COURSE: Become a Bulerías Boss
A step-by-step method teaching flamenco dancers - one compás at a time - how to improvise the easy way and dance 'in the middle' ... without feeling terrified, not hearing the cues or not knowing the parts of the dance!
Private Coaching
PRIVATE COACHING: 1:1 Zoom sessions
Get private coaching with me to work on the areas of improvisation you need the most help with and to ask me all the questions you have about Bulerías Por Fiesta
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