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Catching the Caída
This Masterclass is designed to put you on the FAST TRACK to never missing the cues in the music again!
I'll give you the CLUES to hear the CUES 🎶🎶
I Need This!
One of the biggest struggles we can face when it comes to improvising is hearing the cues in time to do something...
Am I right?
Made all the harder when we don't even know...
what it is we're supposed to be listening out for!!
Enter.. this MasterClass
to show YOU how to Catch the Caída
But first, maybe you're still not 100% sure what is really meant by 'Caída'??
If so, you're not alone 😉
Caída comes from the Spanish verb caer meaning to 'fall' or 'drop'.
The 'caída' in Bulerías is the drop in tone at the end of a sung line, signifying a resolve in the letra.
As a dancer we want to be able to resolve at the SAME TIME as the singer with our movements.

The caída is important for us as dancers because it's our opportunity to interact with the singer in the moment and perform a remate, llamada, or other movement, that finishes (resolves) at the same time as the singer. With the caída. Olé!!
Now, unless you're one of those super musical people and can hear the cues straight away (lucky you!)
the best way to train your ear to the nuances of Bulerías Por Fiesta is by REPETITION and FAMILIARITY
and by following the steps in this MasterClass!!
How this training works
There are 6 letras in total to listen to, and for each you'll have:
  • the letra written out in Spanish
  • the letra translated into English
  • the specific structure of the letra being sung
  • a short video displaying the letra, the structure and the caída
How this training works for you
  • while it's not necessary that you speak or understand Spanish, having an idea of what the singer is singing can only be helpful
  • having an understanding in English of what the letra is about makes the learning more relatable, and fun
  • knowing what to expect from the singer will help your ear tune to the nuances of Bulerías Por Fiesta. So if you know
    - where the respiro is
    - if there's a repeat of a sung line
    - which part of the letra contains the caída
    you'll know exactly what to be listening out for and when 💪
  • having visual cues displayed on screen at the same time as the audio cues, helps your brain make sense of what you're hearing in the moment
What's included with this MasterClass
You'll get:
☑️ a transcript of each letra
☑️ a breakdown of the structure
☑️ a video version of each letra
☑️ as well as an audio version
☑️ my tips on what to listen out for and when
☑️ access to the complete song with all the letras
☑️ a bonus cheat sheet explaining how a letra works
☑️ access to a Private Chat Box to ask me any questions ☎️
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Master Class
Get the MasterClass NOW for US$47
Catching the Caída
Where has this resource been all my life??
Say no more, I'm IN!!
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