The Flamenco Coach
Is it your dream to become a better flamenco dancer?

If so, I can help you with that!
If you would like your own flamenco class I offer private 30 minute Zoom lessons.

I will lead you through a warm-up, we'll work on some footwork technique, and finish off with a little patada (short dance) to suit your level.

Alternatively, if you have something specific you would like to work on, let me know and I will tailor the session to suit you.

I look forward to meeting you!
To work with me 1:1 -

Enter your name and email, and click the button to join me for a 30 minute private online Zoom session (US$29).

Coming Soon . . .
The TFC Online Flamenco Studio
Enter your name and email below to get on the waitlist and be one of the first to know when the online flamenco studio is OPEN for enrolment.
This is for you if - -

  • you want to learn flamenco at home on your own
  • you don't live near a flamenco studio and can't get to in person classes
  • you already go to classes but want to get better and practice more at home
  • you've always wanted to learn flamenco but the thought of looking like a klutz in front of other people has stopped you from joining a class (ps.. I don't think you'll look like a klutz! but I know the fear)
  • you have a sneaky suspicion you're copying everyone else in class and you really need to practice on your own to make sure you've got the comp├ís down (also ps.. this was for me for years)
Yes, I Want To Join The Waitlist
Flamenco Fitness Program
for Seniors
Looking for something new and exciting to add to your lifestyle and wellbeing program for your gorgeous residents?
Introducing our 6 week program . . .

specially designed for residents of Aged Care and Lifestyle Retirement Villages
  • Let your residents indulge in the Spanish rhythms of traditional flamenco music
  • Learn how to accompany the musician with palmas and footwork (..aka clapping and stamping)
  • Click here to learn more and apply
Music is therapy 
Movement is therapy
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