Looking for something new and
exciting to add to your lifestyle
and wellbeing program for your gorgeous residents?
Introducing our 6 week program . . .
Photo credit: https://flamenco.one/en/tablaos/el-palacio-andaluz/
Flamenco Fitness Program
for Seniors
Introducing our 6 week program . . .
specially designed for residents of Aged Care and Lifestyle Retirement Villages
  • Let your residents indulge in the Spanish rhythms of traditional flamenco music
  • And learn how to accompany the musician with palmas and footwork (..aka clapping and stamping)
      Music is therapy         Movement is therapy
Price for the 6 week program is
$400 per week - $2,400 in total
Each weekly session runs for one hour
Your Instructors
Dancer: Belinda Retamal
Guitarist: Anthony Lindhjem