Private Coaching
Get 1:1 private coaching with me to learn how to dance flamenco or work on how to improvise at Fin de Fiesta
30 minute session via Zoom
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  • Zoom Session: 1x 30 minute Zoom call
  • What: Private coaching on:
    - How to dance Flamenco, or
    - How to Improvise for BulerĂ­as Por Fiesta
    When booking in, you'll have the option to let me know what you would like to work on. That way I can prepare the lesson in advance to give you the BEST experience
  • When: Book your preferred time in my Calendar - a link will be sent via email after you sign up
  • Availability: Due to time zone differences, please view my calendar below to check the available time slots
    If there are no time slots that suit you, simply email me with your preferred times and it may be possible for us to arrange an alternative
My Calendar
Check my calendar below for available times
If there are no time slots suitable for your time zone, get in touch and if possible we can arrange an alternative time
After you sign up, a booking link will be emailed to you - or you can book straight in from my calendar below
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