The Bulerías
Por Fiesta
Essential Steps
The 5 essential steps you need
to dance a simple Bulerías Por Fiesta
- so that you can join in the fun
on the Fin de Fiesta Floor!
In this FREE guide, you'll find out...
Sequence of steps (Structure)
The exact sequence of steps you need to perform an entire Bulerías Por Fiesta (and hint its not that many!)
What does the step look like?
A video example of each kind of step so you know exactly how it looks! And you'll be on your way to recognising the different parts of the dance 💃🏼 
What is each step called?
What each step in the structure is called, what it's for and how it's used - so that you can get to know the parts of the dance.
Complete pataíta
A video example of the sequence of steps all put together, just the way you would dance it at Fin de Fiesta!!!
Dancing at the Fin de Fiesta Is Just a Click Away...
Get your Bulerías Por Fiesta Guide here. 
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